Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kaj visits with Jay Leno

Hi all,

Finally got a chance and invitation to go see Mr. Jay Leno's shop and hangers where he stores his enormous collection of motorcycles and cars. Also got the chance to take photographs of a bunch of his collection, including his 1952 and 1957 unrestored nimbuses.

Jay stopped by just as we were wrapping up the 90 minute tour. A friendly and very approachable guy for sure!

Just want to wish everyone very happy holidays and a great 2008.

Rgds, kaj.


Unknown said...

Leno has some Nimbusses?? Cool. You're a lucky kind of bastard.

Unknown said...

Hey, am a nimbus owner, living in Paso Robles, CA
Can you tell me about the upcoming event in solvang, CA this week end.
Give me a shout
Steve Eorio
310 420 1614
Would appreciate a timely response